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MENA Region Humanitarian Safety & Security Forum

18 April 2017
Middle East and North Africa

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MENA Region Humanitarian Safety & Security Forum

The MENA Region Humanitarian Safety & Security Forum was created in September 2015 after a meeting of INGOs comprising regional safety & security actors.  A need was identified for a regional-level fora where like-minded organizations could network and share information in the interests of strengthening collaboration and knowledge on safety and security of humanitarian operations. The Forum uses numerous tools to interact, the most prominent feature being the quarterly meeting. Usually 3-4 guest speakers share their regional security analyses or elaborate on security-related topics (e.g. psychological support, crisis management) during the morning sessions of the quarterly meetings, while the afternoon is dedicated to coordination efforts. The morning sessions are open to all interested parties.


The Forum currently has 24 individual members. To live up to the regional character of the Forum members must hold dedicated safety & security position on regional level. Additional criteria apply. For further information please feel free to contact the Forum’s Chairperson.


Federico Jachetti: federico.jachetti@nrc.no


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