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MENA Regional Analysis-Libya

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1 June 2015
Middle East and North Africa

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MENA Regional Analysis-Libya

This document (2015) is part of a multi-country analysis by Other Solutions EU focusing on MENA hotspots.

The document gives an overview of the developing crisis in Libya, analysing key players, and further assessing the most recent development in the Country.


GISF Webcast: The Impact of Counter-terrorism Legislation on Humanitarian Operations and Security Risk Management

Counter-terrorism measures introduced by governments and international regimes post-2001 have had a significant impact on NGO operations and security risk management. In this GISF webcast, Naz Modirzadeh, (Senior Fellow, HLS-Brookings Project on Law and Security, Counter-terrorism and Humanitarian Engagement project at Harvard Law School), addresses the impact of counter-terrorism legislation.…

HEAT Course training outline

Course format showing how to set out a Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course.

Travel on Commercial Airlines by UN Staff in Sudan

This Standard Operating Procedure document provides guidance to line managers, heads of organisations and other workers who approve duty and entitlement travel in order to minimise exposure of staff to unnecessary risk. It also includes the FlightSafe ranking information for Sudan.