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Risk Assessment Template

Image for Risk Assessment Template
11 February 2020

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Risk Assessment Template

A programme or project safety, security and health risk assessment.


Addressing Sexual Violence in Humanitarian Organisations: Good Practices for Improved Prevention Measures, Policies, and Procedures – Annex 5

This annex describes roles in organisations and what individuals can do to prevent and respond to sexual violence.

UK Strategy: Safeguarding Against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Sexual Harassment within the Aid Sector

UK Strategy on safeguarding against sexual exploitation and abuse and sexual harassment (SEAH) sets out the actions the UK is taking across all government departments which engage in delivering Official Development Assistance (ODA)

GISF Forum | September 2015 | Key Learning Points

This summary document highlights key information and learning points from the GISF Forum which was held in Berlin in September 2015.