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Risk transfer through hardening mentalities?

In light of the attacks against the United Nations in both Peshawar and Kabul in autumn 2009, the UN has decided to “harden” itself as a target, using a protection-based strategy to reduce the vulnerability of its staff.  But to what degree will this simply transfer risk to NGOs, who do not have similar resources available, and who regardless rely on acceptance-based strategies?  And would greater cooperation of NGOs with the UN via the Saving Lives Together framework compromise NGO acceptance strategies by creating a perception of them by local communities and armed actors as a part of the UN’s democratisation agenda?


GISF Forum Notes | Notes and Programme | Madrid | September 2014

The second GISF forum of 2014 was convened at La Casa Encendida in Madrid on 11th September. The forum, co hosted by Accion Contra el Hambre and Medicos del Mundo, was attended by 37 member participants, representing 33 member organisations. Additionally, 10 external participants contributed regional and thematic insights. Discussions…