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Runbag: Prepared When Required

9 January 2015

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Runbag: Prepared When Required

Equipment advice for staff travelling to high risk environments and in need of a durable bag with a protective storage system.


Effectiveness of Anti-Piracy Measures: What Next in the Strait of Malacca

This presentation briefly outlines the main considerations that Indonesia finds significant regarding the issue of piracy in the Strait of Malacca.

GISF Forum Notes | Travel Safety for Women | Berlin | September 2015

Do female travellers need different security training to their male colleagues? Is training which integrates both male and female needs preferable to segregated training? In this brief session, Candice Roggeveen (Tearfund), Ebe Brons (Centre for Safety and Development) and James Davis (ACT Alliance) put forward their opinions on security training…