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Runbag: Prepared When Required

9 January 2015

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Runbag: Prepared When Required

Equipment advice for staff travelling to high risk environments and in need of a durable bag with a protective storage system.


The Refugee Explosion

This report – The Refugee Explosion – sets out to examine the links between explosive violence and the mass influx of refugees into Europe, as well as to look at the impact this has had on EU nations, and to understand what protection and support in Europe are offered to…

Special Report: Kenya Election Analysis (2013)

This special report, preceeding the 2013 elections, identified key hotspots where violence could erupt and discusses the politics of such places

The UK’s review of humanitarian aid: an agenda of radical change?

This paper looks at the UK Goverment Humanitarian Emergency Response Review (HERR) on how the UK should respond to rapid-onset humanitarian emergencies.