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‘Safeguarding’ as humanitarian buzzword: an initial scoping

21 February 2019

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‘Safeguarding’ as humanitarian buzzword: an initial scoping

“Suddenly, talk of ‘safeguarding’ and a sector-wide ‘safeguarding crisis’ seems to be everywhere. Grappling with the scope and content of ‘safeguarding’ as a parameter of humanitarian practice, this commentary asks questions about the framing of safeguarding as a buzzword: about what buzzwords do, whether safeguarding is a global buzzword, whether it is a reframing of old concerns and historical accountability efforts, what is new about it—and finally, what kind of reflections and responses this newness should engender.”

A short article written by Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2019).


Remote Programming Modalities in Somalia – Discussion Paper

This discussion paper, prepared by Oxfam International and Merlin for the NGO Consortium, briefly covers the context and current programming modalities in Somalia. It discusses remote support, partnership and control, followed by ideas for good practice in monitoring in remote partnerships.

Humanitrain Personal First Aid Kit

The Humanitrain Personal First Aid Kit is designed to be small enough to be carried at all times, and can also be a permanent part of the Grab Bag Kit.