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‘Safeguarding’ as humanitarian buzzword: an initial scoping

21 February 2019

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‘Safeguarding’ as humanitarian buzzword: an initial scoping

“Suddenly, talk of ‘safeguarding’ and a sector-wide ‘safeguarding crisis’ seems to be everywhere. Grappling with the scope and content of ‘safeguarding’ as a parameter of humanitarian practice, this commentary asks questions about the framing of safeguarding as a buzzword: about what buzzwords do, whether safeguarding is a global buzzword, whether it is a reframing of old concerns and historical accountability efforts, what is new about it—and finally, what kind of reflections and responses this newness should engender.”

A short article written by Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (2019).


Regional shortcomings and global solutions: Kidnap, ransom and insurance in Latin America

This document analyses the history and varied types of kidnap and ransom insurance ("K & R"), discusses the statistical trends of kidnapping in Latin America, and provides the example of three kidnapped Northrop Grumman employees to illustrate its arguments.  The paper provides a good introduction to K & R policies…

Weekly Covid-19 Security Situation and Outlook: 7 May 2020

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