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Security Guidelines

This Security Guidelines should be seen as an extension of any organisation’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in the Country Security Plan. Whereas the SOPs are obligatory, the Guidelines may not be. They act as a guide in various situations and can be used as a checklist. Please note that all guidelines are generic and should be adapted to the in-country situation and local context.


Scorecard for STRATFOR’s 2014 Annual Forecast

A report card produced by STRATFOR Global Intelligence evaluating their 2014 Annual Forecast. This document provides more brief predictions for 2015 than their full official forecast.

Kobani: a city of rubble and unexploded devices

This fact sheet highlights findings from Handicap International's assessment mission evaluating the damage caused by the fighting in the city of Kobani and the surrounding villages.

Minimum Safety Provisions Overseas – A Guide for Directors

A guide for decision-making on safety and security provisions overseas.