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SIIM Podcast: Humanitarian Incidents

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7 September 2018

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SIIM Podcast: Humanitarian Incidents

The Humanitarian Incidents podcast is an ECHO funding project which looks at different aspects and perspectives of incident information and humanitarian security risk management. Each episode brings humanitarian experts from Geneva to South Sudan doing everything from research to operations. They discuss how better understanding, management and use of incident information can improve organisations’ risk management and access to crisis-affected populations.

The SIIM (Security Incident Information Management) project produced this podcast. The project builds the capacity of NGOs to undertake speedier security-related information management and sharing, thereby strengthening humanitarian response. The project is supported by the European Interagency Security Forum, Insecurity Insight and RedR UK and is funded by EU Humanitarian Aid.

Episode 1 – Incident Information: What is it?

Episode 2 – Building on Success: Effective use of information to improve security risk management

Episode 3 – Evidence Based Advocacy: How incident information can help

Episode 4 – Sexual Violence: Ensuring lessons are learned while remaining survivor-focused

Episode 5 – Building Trust at Field Level: The national perspective

Episode 6 – What Happens to Incident Information: the Analyst’s Perspective

Robert Cudmore is our podcast expert and the interviewer in these episodes. Robert is a podcaster best known for his award-winning series, The Audio Drama Production Podcast. As well as producing and presenting several documentaries and dramas for radio, he is also a freelance broadcast journalist, having worked with several radio stations including BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio 4. He is currently a radio lecturer in Fife, on top of which he is also a freelance narrator and producer of audio-books and established voice actor.


GISF Podcast: First Series

The GISF in Conversation podcast investigates different perspectives and aspects of humanitarian security risk management. The first series explores how security risk management can enable humanitarian access.

SIIM Podcast: Building Trust at Field Level: The national perspective

In this episode of the Humanitarian Incidents podcast we speak to Nour Kossaibany, security lead at the International Rescue Committee. Nour explains why keeping national staff and local partner staff safe is critical for organisations and effective programme delivery. She discusses how security risk management and incident information can support this goal.

SIIM Podcast: Building on Success: Effective use of information to improve security risk management

In the second Humanitarian Incidents podcast, Phil Candy, Security Advisor at Medair, discusses why his organisation adopted a robust online security incident information management system.