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The UK NGO Security Focal Point Group

22 February 2017

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The UK NGO Security Focal Point Group


The UK NGO Security Focal Point Group is a network of UK based NGO staff, who, in their role act as the Security Focal Point for their organisation.  The group exists as an independent network to hold discussions, share learnings and support colleagues across the sector working in comparable roles with similar responsibilities. Formal meetings take place quarterly.  The secretariat for the group is Raleigh International, led by their Director of Safety and International Operations Support, David Clamp.

There are currently 55 members representing 40 organisations.


Membership is open to the security lead or security focal point employed by a UK based non-for-profit organisation or donor.  Specific requests to join from those who do not meet these criteria will be decided by the group on a case by case basis.

Recent topics discussed


  • Preparing for incidents in the UK and business continuity, with guest speakers from the Metropolitan Police
  • Crisis management frameworks and implementation
  • TACT, terrorism financing and NGOs
  • CPD for the NGO security sector
  • Wellbeing and psychological support

Contact details

For further details please email Christine or David


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