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Training for guards

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31 January 2022

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Training for guards

A comic, created by Oxfam, to inform guards on security issues and SOPs.


06/04-12/04 COVID-19 Security Analysis Briefing

This analysis briefing has been shared by CRS for use by the GISF membership. It is not to be shared outside of the network under any circumstances.

The Information Management Challenge: A Briefing on information security for humanitarian Non-Governmental Organisations in the field

This GISF Report describes the "information management challenge" - that of ensuring the security of sensitive information in the difficult conditions that may exist in many field offices, and where the risk of surveillance is present.

Crime, politics and violence in post-Earthquake Haiti

Although violent crime has decreased since its height in 2005, the earthquake has created new vulnerabilities and fueled an increase in crime. This paper disusses these trends and states that if they are not properly managed, these risks could threaten the upcoming elections and reconstruction process.