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Workshop Report | GISF Event: Training for Security in Today’s World

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10 May 2021
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Workshop Report | GISF Event: Training for Security in Today’s World

On March 3rd 2021 GISF hosted a virtual training event. The event titled ‘Training for Security in Today’s world’ brought together GISF Members and Affiliate experts to discuss training for security today, considering how training has changed over the last year or so and what could happen beyond the impact of Covid-19.

During the event attendees discussed what training might look like in the near and mid-term future. Participants discussed training for partners, senior leadership, blended learning and the future of personal security training.

Participants expressed a desire to resume face-to-face trainings as restrictions ease, however they also acknowledged that trainers need to build on the momentum of the achievements and lessons learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although the transition of pre-existing trainings to virtual ones is not simple and for them to be successful, time and financial investments are required, this year has shown that virtual learning can be effective.

The conclusion is that moving forward most organisations will adopt trainings that follow a more blended learning approach. Maximising the opportunities for face to face trainings, while recognising the value of individual pre-learning, greater accessibility for and more diverse participants at a virtual-training and the opportunity for a more continuous learning approach rather than relying on the ‘one-hit’ intensive training course, necessary when utilizing expensive face to face options.

The full report can be accessed on the left.


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