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Case Study: GOAL Sudan

This documentary explores GOAL’s incident in 2009 when two aid workers were abducted in Darfur, Sudan. The video provides a reflection of the incident,  the mistakes in GOAL’s security and a detailed account of the incident from Sharon Cummings. Disclaimer…

26 Jan 2021 Resource

GISF- Remote Crisis Management Exercise

This training resource contains multiple materials to be used to conduct a comprehensive and fictional crisis management training exercise.

26 Jan 2021 Resource

Bagdad Ambush

This video shows real footage of a car convoy in Bagdad that is hit by IEDs. 

26 Jan 2021 Resource

Car Bomb

This video contains real footage of a car convoy which approaches a near by car bomb during their drive.       

26 Jan 2021 Resource

Rear Passenger Seatbelt

This video shows the damage that can be caused in a car crash when seatbelts are not worn.

26 Jan 2021 Resource

Risk Management – Mgmt Response to K&A

In this RedR ‘talking point’ video Mike Dixon, former Met. Police Hostage Expert discusses the managerial response to abduction, kidnapping and hostage-taking.

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Risk Management – Pressures of work

 This RedR ‘talking point’ video shows the pressures and realities of working in a hostile environment. The clip focuses on the vulnerabilities towards aid workers when working alone.

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Staff Mgmt – Emotional Literacy

In this RedR ‘talking point’ video Dr. John Roberts, Judge Institute of Management Studies at the University of Cambridge, stresses the importance of having and developing emotional literacy when working in dangerous environments. These environments include the external environment and…

25 Jan 2021 Resource