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Training Document

Exposed & Exploited: Data Protection in the Middle East and North Africa

The year 2020 has witnessed governments respond to the global COVID-19 crisis by rushing to deploy technological solutions, from contact tracing applications to digital health certificates and passports. The pandemic has brought to center stage the significant threats new technologies…

4 Feb 2021 Resource

Safeguarding Matters: The Resource and Support Hub Online Training Series

The Resource and Support Hub has developed a series of five free and accessible online training modules called Safeguarding Matters. The modules tell the story of a fictional civil society organisation called Family Health Frontiers (FHF). Over the five modules, learners join the FHF…

4 Feb 2021 Resource

Access Now Digital Security Helpline – Self-Doxing Guide

This guide contains tips and resources for exploring open source intelligence on oneself to prevent malicious actors from finding and using this information for publishing, blackmailing or other forms of harassment.

29 Jan 2021 Resource

Case Study: GOAL Sudan

This documentary explores GOAL’s incident in 2009 when two aid workers were abducted in Darfur, Sudan. The video provides a reflection of the incident,  the mistakes in GOAL’s security and a detailed account of the incident from Sharon Cummings. Disclaimer…

26 Jan 2021 Resource

EISF- Remote Crisis Management Exercise

This training resource contains multiple materials to be used to conduct a comprehensive and fictional crisis management training exercise.

26 Jan 2021 Resource

Bagdad Ambush

This video shows real footage of a car convoy in Bagdad that is hit by IEDs. 

26 Jan 2021 Resource

Car Bomb

This video contains real footage of a car convoy which approaches a near by car bomb during their drive.       

26 Jan 2021 Resource

Rear Passenger Seatbelt

This video shows the damage that can be caused in a car crash when seatbelts are not worn.

26 Jan 2021 Resource