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Training Document

Non-Verbal Communication

This training video explores a scene from Disney’s frozen to explain the importance and impact of non-verbal communication. 

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Westgate News Report

A news report detailing an attack on a Nairobi shopping centre, Westgate,  by Al-Shabab. 30 people were killed and a further 60 were injured.   

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Top Gear – Car Shooting

This video shows an experiment which investigated the impact of shooting a car.   

25 Jan 2021 Resource

The Bystander Effect

This video explains the bystander effect through a social experiment.     

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Tea and Consent

This video uses tea as a metaphor to explain sexual consent.  

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Surviving an active shooter event

This acted out video shows an active shooter event and how to survive such an incident with three tactics – run, hide and fight.  

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Roadside IED & Static Ambush

This clip shows a car convey which is hit by a roadside IED and static ambush.  Disclaimer -This video shows real footage of an IED and static ambush  

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Armed Vehicle Ambush

Aid worker, Jessica Buchanan shares her story of an armed vehicle ambush in Somalia.   

25 Jan 2021 Resource

Iraq Rescue

This video shows real footage of a prison raid in Iraq which resulted in the release of 70 hostages held by the Islamic State.  

25 Jan 2021 Resource