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Bagdad Ambush

Image for Bagdad Ambush
26 January 2021
Middle East and North Africa

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Bagdad Ambush

This video shows real footage of a car convoy in Bagdad that is hit by IEDs. 


Remote Management

This article provides an introduction to remote management, highlighting important considerations and outlining how to make remote management work.

Aid Worker Security Report 2017 – Behind the attacks: A look at the perpetrators of violence against aid workers

This report combines the latest statistics on major attacks on humanitarian aid workers from the Aid Worker Security Database (AWSD) and interviews with members of armed groups to understand the motivations behind attacks on humanitarian workers by armed fighters.

South Sudan NGO Forum: Half Yearly Report – January to June 2017

This report is intended to provide a sense of the overall security situation for NGOs working in South Sudan, both at the national level and more locally across the country between January and June 2017.