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From research papers to training packs, find the resources you need, all in one place. For GISF members, please log in to access member-only resources. For hard copies of any GISF resources, please contact research@gisf.ngo. If you would like to share a resource with GISF, please contact tolani@gisf.ngo.

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      State of Practice: The Evolution of Security Risk Management in the Humanitarian Space

      NGO Security Management, Safety, Duty of Care

      As a subject of humanitarian policy and practice, security risk management (SRM) has been an active and growing – yet largely understudied – area of operations. Only a small number of comprehensive, sector-wide analyses of SRM have been published over…

      Paper, Report 2024 Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Amharic, Ukranian GISF publication

      Good Practices, lessons learned, and the unique challenges affecting security risk management in urban humanitarian responses

      Context Analysis, NGO Security Management, Safety

      This GISF research article identifies the unique elements in urban environments and the humanitarian security risk management (SRM) considerations resulting from these dynamics. With urbanisation on the rise worldwide and the proliferation of humanitarian responses in densely populated areas, understanding…

      Paper, Article 2023 English GISF publication

      Partnerships and Security Risk Management: from the local partner’s perspective

      NGO Security Management, Safety, Training, Local Action, Wellbeing

      This research paper complements GISF’s 2012 report Security Management and Capacity Development: International agencies working with local partners. This first analysis brought key insights into partnership dynamics, including strengths and weaknesses from the international NGO (INGO) perspective. The latest research…

      Paper 2020 English GISF publication

      Gérer la Sécurité du Personnel Humanitaire aux Profils Diversifiés

      Gender, Inclusivity, Legal Obligations, NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance, Safety, Wellbeing

      La sécurité personnelle des travailleurs et travailleuses humanitaires dépend à la fois du lieu où ils se trouvent, de leur identité, de leur rôle et de l’organisation pour laquelle ils travaillent. Les organisations humanitaires ont des obligations de sécurité à…

      Paper 2020 French GISF publication

      Gestión de la Seguridad del Personal Humanitario con Perfiles Diversos

      Gender, Human Rights, Inclusivity, Legal Obligations, NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance, Training, Wellbeing

      La seguridad personal de alguien que trabaja en el sector humanitario se ve afectada por la interacción entre dónde está esa persona, quién es, y su función y su organización. Como empleadoras, las organizaciones humanitarias tienen el deber de cuidado…

      Paper 2020 Spanish GISF publication

      Managing the Security of Aid Workers with Diverse Profiles

      Acceptance, Gender, Human Rights, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, Legal Obligations, NGO Security Management

      An aid worker’s personal security is impacted by the interplay between where the aid worker is, who they are, and their role and organisation. As employers, aid organisations have a duty of care to take all reasonable measures to protect…

      Paper, Briefing 2018 English, French, Spanish GISF publication