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Danish Interagency Safety Network

(DISN) is an independent network addressing safety and security issues among Danish Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s).

DISN was initiated in 2014, when a number of CSO’s identified a need for a stronger focus on safety and security in the work done by the CSO’s abroad. This page therefore creates a platform where members can share experience, information and develop further and stronger safety policies together. DISN strives to strengthen safety and security risk management within the humanitarian sector particularly through networking, trainings and information sharing. The initiative is funded by Globalt Fokus till the end of 2016. The DISN is led by its members and therefore represent the needs of the members and the need for safety and security management in the humanitarian field.


  • Strengthen the culture of safety and security within Danish CSO’s as well as the quality of the work done by the CSO’s abroad.
  • Improve a coordinated sharing of knowledge on Best Practice for Duty of Care between the CSO’s.
  • Strengthen the strategic decision processes concerning the risk of a certain program/project/mission in a certain country.
  • Make safety and security an integrated policy requested by donors.
  • Increase resilience of Danish CSO’s in crisis situations.
  • Contribute to Danish CSO’s working more proactive with safety and security.

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