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Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub

The role that safeguarding plays in security cannot be overlooked, nor vice versa. Those working in the field of safeguarding, acknowledge that security and safety are factors in all safeguarding cases; and security professionals are pivotal for ensuring prevention measures are put in place, immediate response to an incident is victim-centred, and investigations are carried out safely. Therefore, it is essential for this crossover to be acknowledged and accounted for, in order to deliver sustainable humanitarian aid. It is necessary for the relationship between safeguarding and security to be considered as early as possible, through risk assessments and programme management – organisations must consider safeguarding factors as key to aid worker safety and security. 

The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub (RSH) is a programme that aims to support organisations in the aid sector to strengthen their safeguarding policy and practice against Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment (SEAH).

RSH supports organisations working in both the humanitarian and development sectors but is driven by the needs of smaller national or local organisations in the regions where it operates. RSH is committed to collaboration and is focused on developing contextualised products and services.

In the resource section, RSH has shared some core information on safeguarding and welcomes insights from security staff on how your work connects with safeguarding. Contact RSH here to share your experiences in your context and to ask them any questions: Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub info@safeguardingsupporthub.org.

Learn more about the Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub here: