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About: what the Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub does

Open Access Online Hub 

The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub (RSH) has an online hub website available in English, Arabic, French and Swahili and is free for anyone to use. It includes: 

Locally Driven National Hubs

RSH also works directly with national organisations in eight national hubs across three regions – Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Sudan (Africa); Jordan, Syria and Yemen (Middle East and North Africa), Pakistan and Bangladesh (South Asia). The RSH model has also been replicated in Poland, Romania and Moldova (Eastern Europe) in response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. 

  • Less-resourced national organisations are the primary audience although partnerships and collaboration with a wider range of stakeholders are central.
  • Services are adapted based on local demand and contextual requirements.

Activities in reach country includes: a national website with contextually relevant resources in local languages, research, mentorship, free advice service, training, and local Communities of Practice.