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Context Analysis

The Future of Afghanistan

It has been twenty years since the US and its allies invaded Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban. In the wake of that defeat came an…

22 Sep 2021 Event

Afghanistan: Flash Analysis and Prediction

Insecurity Insight have released their most recent report looking at predictions and mitigation measures for Afghanistan. You can download the report on the left.

22 Sep 2021 Resource

Afghanistan: A new reality

Dragonfly is hosting a webinar titled ‘Afghanistan: A new reality’ on Wednesday, 1 September, at 1400hrs BST. Dragonfly will look at the ongoing crisis in…

26 Aug 2021 Event

The fall of Afghanistan | Guardian Newsroom

Join the panel of Guardian journalists as they discuss Afghanistan’s future and analyse the latest developments in this fast-moving story. With shocking speed, a resurgent…

26 Aug 2021 Event

ACAPS | Haiti: Earthquake department profiles

At least 2.2 million people were exposed to the earthquake that struck southwestern Haiti on 14 August. About 2,100 people have died, and more than 12,000 were injured as at 20 August. The Government has declared a month-long state of emergency…

26 Aug 2021 Resource