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ACAPS | Haiti: Gang Violence

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15 July 2021
North America

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ACAPS | Haiti: Gang Violence

ACAPS latest briefing note looking at Haiti: Gang Violence, is now available.

An increase in gang violence and criminal activity in Haiti since 1 June 2021 has been affecting around one-third of the territory of Port-au-Prince. Southern neighbourhoods are the most affected: Bas Delmas, Bel Air, Cité Soleil, Fontamara, Laboule 12, Martissant, and Toussaint Brave townships. Violence erupted because of territorial disputes and a reconfiguration of gang alliances.

Since 1 June, 95 gangs have been clashing in Port-au-Prince in a bid to gain power, looting local businesses and leading to the desertion of the commercial district. Sporadic clashes between gangs are common in Port-au-Prince, but recent incidents are on a much greater scale and systematic. 

You can download the briefing on the left.


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