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Context Analysis

GISF Newsletter: 18 October 2022

This newsletter includes information about upcoming events, including our second ‘Behind the Scenes of Humanitarian Action’ webinar and our collaborative workshops at AidEx 2022! You can also find out more about the latest SRM research, blogs, and other resources. Download…

19 Oct 2022 Resource

GISF Publications Catalogue

GISF Publications GISF Briefing Papers and Reports GISF Briefing Papers and Reports investigate some of the key conceptual issues facing NGOs and security risk managers in humanitarian operations. The papers aim to consolidate theory in practice; many contain practical tools…

26 Sep 2022 Resource

Ukraine: Humanitarian access constraints at the oblast level

This report provides an oblast-level analysis of access constraints in Ukraine to inform humanitarian responders and provide a comparison of access dynamics across different oblasts. This analysis is based on a severity model developed by ACAPS using the internal data…

30 Aug 2022 Resource

A Helping Hand Has No Geopolitical Allegiance

An article, written by Nicholas Kerastas and published by NetHope, focused on the neutural stance Humanitarians must take when it comes to delivering aid. You can find the article here.  

25 Jul 2022 Resource

Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe

The Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub for Eastern Europe serves organisations and people responding to the war in Ukraine. It provides practical and accessible safeguarding resources aiming to reduce the risk of harm. The resource is provided by the Eastern…

21 Jul 2022 Resource