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Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Hostile Environment Awareness Training table
Start date30 Aug 2021
End date2 Sep 2021
Provider ACT Alliance Security Group
LocationAmman, Jordan
Type Crisis management, Security, Personal Security
Cost$1800 per participant
Booking URL

The ACT Alliance Security Group has been delivering HEAT courses in Amman, Jordan since 2017. The course is intended for those who are required to work in complex and higher risk environments, or for managers to better understand how to minimise risks for staff and partners active in these contexts.

The course is hosted by the KASOTC special forces training centre which has been supporting UN and NGO training for many years. Instruction is delivered primarily by highly experienced NGO security experts supported by SME’s from the KASOTC cadre.

Course content includes:

  • Current aid sector threat briefing and analysis
  • Advanced risk assessments in complex contexts
  • Small arms familiarisation and threat assessment
  • IED, landmine, UXO awareness and recognition
  • Vehicles and armed attack
  • Communications and digital security threat management
  • Remote first aid emergency techniques and Psychological First Aid
  • Personal behaviour dealing with aggression
  • Navigation techniques
  • Self defence

The course is residential with meals and accommodations included. Training is evenly mixed between classroom and outdoor practical exercises.

For more information and to register for this course, please contact act.admin@act-security.org 


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