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BSI Organizational Resilience Cranfield Research Report

2 February 2018

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BSI Organizational Resilience Cranfield Research Report

This document (2017) features evidence on organizational resilience based on research conducted by the British Standards Institute and the Cranfield School of Management. The assessment covers 181 articles and is supplemented by five case studies.


Regional shortcomings and global solutions: Kidnap, ransom and insurance in Latin America

This document analyses the history and varied types of kidnap and ransom insurance ("K & R"), discusses the statistical trends of kidnapping in Latin America, and provides the example of three kidnapped Northrop Grumman employees to illustrate its arguments.  The paper provides a good introduction to K & R policies…

Aid Worker Security Report 2012

This report provides an overview of incidents of violence against aid workers in 2012

CCHN Field Manual on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation

The CCHN Field Manual offers a set of concrete tools and methods to plan and prepare negotiation processes for the purpose of assisting and protecting populations affected by armed conflicts and other forms of violence.