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Cautious Optimism for Peace in Colombia

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15 September 2010
Central and South America

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Cautious Optimism for Peace in Colombia

This PeaceBrief by Virginia M. Bouvier (2010) considers the swift move by new President Santos, in Colombia, to meet leaders of neighbouring countries, and the surprising move by the leader of FARC in inviting the President to enter dialogue without preconditions; it discusses the preference expressed by the Colombian government to negotiate independently with FARC rather than be mediated by UNASUR. The report also discusses challenges ahead, including the seemingly extensive conditions set out by the Government, and the reluctance of FARC to halt violence whilst in negotiations.


Securing aid worker safety through effective budgeting

In this article for the Crisis Response Journal, Aisling Sweeney, GISF's Communications Officer, puts forward the case for remodelling funding processes for humanitarian security risk management.