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Challenges in Understanding and responding to crisis in urban contexts

1 March 2008

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Challenges in Understanding and responding to crisis in urban contexts

This report by Paul McPhun and Elena Lucchi (2008) states that “there is now a growing international awareness that urbanization is becoming untenable, representing in some contexts a crisis that far outweighs the impact of ongoing conflict in remaining regions of a given country.” They therefore ask those questions; “how does violence in urban settings manifest itself and result in unmet medical needs? What are the obstacles to care facing people living in these environments? What are the challenges to accessing these communities and providing medical assistance?”

This paper reviews (through questionnaire with field, workshops, debate topics, discussion etc.) five countries where MSF OCA now works in urban settings – Nigeria, Colombia, Haiti, Somalia, Papua New Guinea.


Travel Safety for Women | GISF Forum Notes | Berlin | September 2015

Do female travellers need different security training to their male colleagues? Is training which integrates both male and female needs preferable to segregated training? In this brief session, Candice Roggeveen (Tearfund), Ebe Brons (Centre for Safety and Development) and James Davis (ACT Alliance) put forward their opinions on security training…

Guidance Pack – Chemicals

This document provides information of decontamination procedures, decontamination equipment and a checklist designed to help you identify the type of chemical one may have been exposed to.

Humanitrain Vehicle Trauma Kit

Humanitrain Vehicle Trauma Kit for the field, inspired by the field.