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FCO Bereaved Families Guide

22 December 2015

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FCO Bereaved Families Guide

This guide offers advice for families, friends and staff members of British nationals who die overseas.


Practicing Democracy in Afghanistan: Key findings on perceptions, parliament and elections

This policy note draws on over three years of AREU research into the dynamics of representative governance in Afghanistan at local and national levels (see box below for details). It is intended to be an introductory guide for donors, programme implementers, educators, capacity-builders and others interested in politics in Afghanistan,…

In Search of Safety in Iraq

This report looks at how Iraqis risk their lives trapped in conflict or try to escape, and whether there are learnings from Anbar that can be applied to Mosul. Available in Arabic as well.

Saving Lives Together: HQ Counterpart Organisations

This document, updated June 2019, lists the headquarters organisations that are counterparts of the UNDSS Saving Lives Together initiative.