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Storytelling and Audio-visual Learning Series

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31 March 2022

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Storytelling and Audio-visual Learning Series

GISF has developed with cinéluminis (Christine Persaud) a series of film capsules to support GISF members strengthen their learning and development initiatives and with the objectives of augmenting:

  1. Basic technical knowledge on how to use the audio-visual medium to enhance training programmes and,
  2. Awareness of structured, responsible, inclusive and transformational storytelling

These learning videos are divided into two streams:

Part 1: Audio-visual Instructional Videos

The Audio-visual Instructional Videos examine the basic principles of planning a video project; how to use inexpensive and accessible equipment for recording. These capsules provide guidance on basic concepts during the assembly of recorded footage and identify key considerations during the sharing of the AV project.

Intro and Planning

In this first capsule, Christine Persaud starts the series with an introduction and the first of the tutorials – planning.

Outlining, scripting and storyboarding

In this capsule, the importance of outlining, scripting and storyboarding to ensure an effective structure is discussed.


Harry, a creator of informative children’s videos, demonstrates his filming process and gives tips on how to keep filming low budget and time-effective.

Assembling and Sharing

This capsule delves into the process of editing videos, giving examples on how to edit and store your film on devices as small as your phone.

Part 2: Storytelling Documentary Films

The Storytelling Documentary Films cover the essentials and ethics of good storytelling as a means for learning, development and sometimes healing and transformation. These capsules explore the importance and place of storytelling in adult learning, general principles about the structure of story, moral, ethical and security considerations, and responsibilities when capturing and sharing stories.

Shaping Storytelling

Jennifer Cayley, a Storyteller, considers the role of storytelling in a community and the impact stories can have on a person.

Responsible Storytelling

This capsule features Irene Jansen, a Digital Storyteller and Facillitator, discussing the steps to take to ensure that your story is told responsibly.

Inclusive Storytelling

Content Creator, Habiba Ali, highlights the importance of representation and inclusivity in storytelling.

Transformational Storytelling

In the final capsule of the series, Kyle Polson, a Saugeen Anishnaabe, speaks of the transformational quality of stories through his experience.