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Humanitarian Access in Situations of Armed Conflict: Handbook on the International Normative Framework

The purpose of this handbook (2014) is to lay out the existing international normative framework pertaining to humanitarian access in situations of armed conflict. The handbook includes background and purpose of the handbook, general international law, international humanitarian law, international human rights law and international criminal law.


Narco-Jihad: Drug trafficking and Security in Afghanistan and Pakistan

This special report consisting of three papers focuses on narcotics as the biggest issue affecting Afghanistan-Pakistan border tensions.

Recovery & Wellness, COVID-19: Operating Considerations for US Based International NGOs

This project brought together subject matter experts and practitioners to provide guidelines for Post-COVID-19 transitioning in the following areas: Human Resources, Insurances and Benefits, Staff Wellbeing, Travel and Journey Management and Operational Security.

Aid Worker Security Report 2014 | Unsafe Passage: Road attacks and their impact on humanitarian operations

This fifth edition of the Aid Worker Security Report provides the latest verified statistics on attacks against aid workers from the Aid Worker Security Database (AWSD), and examines the particular security challenge of road travel.