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Image & Acceptance – Being a Political Agent

Image for Image & Acceptance – Being a Political Agent
25 January 2021
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Image & Acceptance – Being a Political Agent

In this Red R ‘taking point’ video John Ryle from Rift Valley Institute discusses being a political agent. John highlights the need for humanitarian organisations to understand that they are perceived as political agents when supplying aid in a conflict zone. 


In their words: Perceptions of armed non-state actors on humanitarian action

This study by Geneva Call aims to contribute to a better understanding of armed non-state actors’ (ANSAs) perceptions of humanitarian action. Based on consultations held with nineteen ANSAs in eleven countries, this study presents key findings on issues varying from ANSAs’ understandings of humanitarian action to their acceptance of humanitarian…

Office Opening: A guide for non-governmental organisations

This guide provides an easy-to-follow process detailing the recommended steps when opening an office where the property market may be complex and/or ambiguous. While the guide refers to an ‘office’, the process is equally relevant to any building e.g. accommodation, hospital, warehouse, etc.

Contingency Planning – How to operate in disaster

University of Florida contingency planning document, heavily US-centric but has some very useful information on how to construct a basic contingency plan for a large organisation.