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Inter P Comms – Mark Knight

Image for Inter P Comms – Mark Knight
25 January 2021
Africa, Global

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Inter P Comms – Mark Knight

In this Red R ‘taking point’ clip, Mark Knight shares a personal in-field experience. Mark successfully used inter-personal communication with an armed rebel commander in Sierra Leone to remain safe in a hostile situation.



Covid-19 and localisation: an opportunity for equitable risk-sharing

Covid-19 is an opportunity for change.  Flaws in the way risks are managed between local and international partners have been exposed by the current crisis. Building on lessons learned from the research I oversaw at GISF (which investigates local NGOs’ perspectives on risk transfer, partnerships and security risk management),+ here are…

Addressing Sexual Violence in Humanitarian Organisations: Good Practices for Improved Prevention Measures, Policies, and Procedures – Annex 5

This annex describes roles in organisations and what individuals can do to prevent and respond to sexual violence.