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Kurdish Self-governance in Syria – Survival and Ambition

7 April 2017
Middle East and North Africa

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Kurdish Self-governance in Syria – Survival and Ambition

This paper by Ghadi Sary (2016) assesses the development of the local administration of Rojava, its context within Syria and the wider Kurdish political scene. It aims to present a different perspective on the challenges, opportunities and threats faced by local powers in Rojava throughout the Syrian conflict. The paper is based on research undertaken during a year-long fellowship, and on field interviews conducted inside and outside Syria with local actors as well as international and regional stakeholders.


Whispering when Everyone is Listening: Low-Tech Communications Technology Implementations in High-Risk Contexts

In this article, Keith Porcaro and Laura Walker Hudson examine relevant case studies around the use of communications technology in high-risk contexts and suggest useful programme practices for high-risk implementations, from community outreach and crafting message content to implementation practices that minimise risk to staff, community members, and user data.

Duty of Care: Protection of Humanitarian Aid Workers from Sexual Violence

This paper functions as a broad foundation for contemplating duty of care, as it relates to sexual violence.