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Non-Verbal Communication for The Birds

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25 January 2021
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Non-Verbal Communication for The Birds

This training resource is an analysis of a PIXAR clip which explains non-verbal communication. 



Presence and Proximity: to stay and deliver, five years on

This study identifies a series of findings related to the overarching issue of whether humanitarian actors have become better at staying and delivering in an effective and responsible manner. In addition, the research delves into specific practices that have enabled or undermined staying and delivering.

Stay Safe 2.0 Global Edition

Ready for IFRC's ultimate critical incident management simulation? In the new Stay Safe 2.0 Global edition, you will find the three different levels of 'Fundamentals', 'Personal and volunteer security in emergencies' and 'Security for managers'. You can choose up to which of these three levels you want to go to…

The Tough Stuff: Managing Menstruation

This document offers personal and organisational measures to be taken to ensure the safety and wellbeing of aid workers during menstruation.