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Roadside IED & Static Ambush

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25 January 2021
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Roadside IED & Static Ambush

This clip shows a car convey which is hit by a roadside IED and static ambush.  Disclaimer -This video shows real footage of an IED and static ambush



GISF Forum Notes | Civil-Military Interaction and Humanitarian Security | Berlin | September 2015

John Dyer (IFRC) led this session, looking at the impact of civil-military interaction and humanitarian security, with Andy Hill (DFID) addressing recent deployments and the UK DFID approach to civil military issues. Josef Reiterer spoke about UNOCHA Civil Military Coordination Section’s recent work and Jules Frost of World Vision International…

Humanitrain Personal First Aid Kit

The Humanitrain Personal First Aid Kit is designed to be small enough to be carried at all times, and can also be a permanent part of the Grab Bag Kit.