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Safety and Security in Yemen: Main Challenges and Stakeholders

12 November 2015
Middle East and North Africa

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Safety and Security in Yemen: Main Challenges and Stakeholders

Ensuring safety and security has been one of the most pressing challenges for Yemeni society. In this short article, Mohammad Al-Shami (2015) looks at the factors causing instability and reducing security in Yemen, including the presence of non-state armed actors such as Al-Qaeda and pervasive corruption at all levels of government. Mohammad also recommends measures to improve safety and security in Yemen, such as increasing links between security providers and communities that are currently absent.


Prevention, Policy and Procedure Checklist: Responding to Sexual Violence in Humanitarian and Development Settings

This Prevention, Policy and Procedure Checklist sets out a series of actions that can and should be taken by humanitarian and development organisations to address sexual violence.

CBM Safety and Security Policy and Guiding Framework Tools and Standards

This document lays out CBM's safety and security policy, in order to increase the health, safety and security awareness of all staff.

Vulnerability Assessment: Training module for NGOs operating in Conflict Zones and High-Crime Areas

The goal of this training module is to Improve the ability to understand the most likely threats your NGO—as opposed to all NGOs—will face in an area, and provide insight into how to reduce the threats you may face.