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Saving Lives Together Framework | English, French & Spanish

This document details the Saving Lives Together (SLT) Framework, its objective, principles, and implementation.

Saving Lives Together, or SLT, is a series of recommendations aimed at enhancing security collaboration between the United Nations, International Non-Governmental Organisations and International Organisations (“SLT partner organisations”). It recognises the collectively experienced security threats and the importance of collaboration to ensure the safe delivery of humanitarian and development assistance.

The framework is available in English, French and Spanish, and can be found on the left.


Saving Lives Together

The Saving Lives Together (SLT) initiative was created to provide a framework to improve collaboration between the UN Security Management System (UNSMS), International Non-governmental Organisations (INGOs) and International Organisations (IO).


Saving Lives Together: HQ Counterpart Organisations

This document, updated June 2019, lists the headquarters organisations that are counterparts of the UNDSS Saving Lives Together initiative. 

Saving Lives Together Implementation Guidelines | English, French & Spanish

This document contains guidelines for the implmentation of the 'Saving Lives Together' framework.