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The psychology of extreme behaviour

3 March 2015

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The psychology of extreme behaviour

This document features an analysis of the psychology of extreme behaviour by Dr Luc De Keyser. The relativity of ‘extreme’, the absolute ‘extreme’, the ‘true-believer’ syndrome redefined and applying principles to policy are featured in the document.


What’s Cooking in the Jihadi Kitchen – Entry Pass for Heaven

This document gives a number of information on key incidents and terrorist activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan in 2006. It argues that the ressurgence of activity has been caused by an ability to portrait the struggle in an historical perspective against the british in south Afghanistan and Madrassas and education…

Reviewing Grants: A Quick Reference for Security-Related Expenses

This quick reference is designed to get a feel for some of the most common security related expenses that you will encounter in grant applications. This document is an effort to convey the relative importance of the various security-related expenses one would typically see in a grant and attempts to…

A Guide to the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

A guide for employers to the UK's corporate manslaughter and corporate homicide laws