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The psychology of extreme behaviour

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3 March 2015

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The psychology of extreme behaviour

This document (2015) features an analysis of the psychology of extreme behaviour by Dr Luc De Keyser. The relativity of ‘extreme’, the absolute ‘extreme’, the ‘true-believer’ syndrome redefined and applying principles to policy are featured in the document.


Crisis Monitor: 1st Quarter Report 2015

This Unity Resources Group Crisis Monitor report has a special focus on the impact of recent UK Terrorism Legislation on the Risk Insurance Market. Additionally, the document includes regional analyses in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Fact Sheet: Post-Sexual Violence Kits

This fact sheet provides information about the options that might be available to survivors immediately after a sexual violence attack, as well as what humanitarian organisations can do to appropriately respond.

Abduction and Kidnap Risk Management Guide

This guide provides a concise summary of key information for non-governmental organisations facing the threat of a potential or actual abduction of one of their staff members or other individuals under their responsibility.