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The Refugee Explosion

This report sets out to examine the links between explosive violence and the mass influx of refugees into Europe, as well as to look at the impact this has had on EU nations, and to understand what protection and support in Europe are offered to those particularly fleeing explosive violence.


GISF Forum Notes: Approaches to Risk Management

This session addressed various frameworks and approaches to risk management. Converging physical and IT security risks were also high on the agenda, in addition to how a security risk manager convinces their colleagues, donors and board members that security is not an addition but integral to the organisation’s programmes. Gurpreet…

A Brief Guide to Asbestos in Emergencies: Safer Handling and Breaking the Cycle

This booklet is a simple and practical guide for transitional settlement and reconstruction practitioners. It aims to provide basic background information on asbestos and its associated health risks. It provides key recommendations for minimising the risks of dealing with asbestos in post-disaster transitional settlement and reconstruction operations and suggests further…