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Top tips: the investigation process

6 February 2020

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Top tips: the investigation process

This one-pager gives 9 top tips for the investigation process. It covers the key takeaways from an GISF and ChildFund International workshop delivered in Washington DC in January 2020. ‘Understanding the Investigation Process’ aimed to provide participants with an increased understanding of the investigation process within an organisation, including how to manage the investigation process. The workshop was designed by senior security professionals from across the sector to equip participants with practical skills and tools that can be adapted to suit the needs of their own organisation.


Identificación y Selección de Hoteles Seguros

En los últimos años se han producido ataques terroristas contra hoteles en diferentes lugares del mundo que han acabado con un gran elevado número de víctimas entre sus ocupantes. Esta ficha ayudará a identificar y seleccionar hoteles seguros para el personal de la y posibles visitantes.

Joint NGO Safety and Security Training

Joint NGO Safety and Security Training builds upon a gap in previous research in the field of humanitarian security, to determine the size of the NGO market for security training by quantifying and qualifying collective needs at all training levels. This constitutes a significant empirical record of demand for security…