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Webinar Recording: Digital Technologies and Humanitarian Action in Armed Conflict

Communications, Context Analysis, NGO Security Management, Technology

We live in a digital age. Digital technologies have become an inescapable part of nearly everyone’s lives, even more so since the COVID-19 pandemic, which has created opportunities as well as dependencies and risks. People affected by armed conflicts and…

Event recording 2021 English

Journey To Extremism in Africa

Context Analysis, NGO Security Management

Violent extremism in Africa is setting in motion a dramatic reversal of development gains and threatening to stunt prospects of development for decades to come. From 2011 to 2016, it caused 33,300 fatalities as well as widespread displacement, creating situations…

Report 2021 English

More than Moneypenny: Women are Leaders in Security

Gender, NGO Security Management

On Monday 8th March, Frances Nobes, Senior Security Advisor at World Vision, wrote a blog for International Women’s Day. In this blog, Frances shares her experience of being a woman in security, how the security landscape is changing, and how…

Other 2021 English

CHS Alliance – Quick Reference Handbook

Inclusivity, NGO Security Management, Safety, Training

PSEA (Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse) is a term used by the UN and NGO community to refer to measures taken to protect vulnerable people from sexual exploitation and abuse our by own staff and associated personnel.

Tool, Training Document 2021 English

Tip Sheet: Engaging Survivors of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (SEAH)

Human Rights, NGO Security Management, Safety, Training

This tip sheet is a quick reference for understanding good practice when engaging survivors of SEAH in policymaking. It is an adapted version of the report titled Best practice in engaging survivors of Sexual Exploitation Abuse and Sexual Harassment which…

Training Document 2021 English

RSH Inclusive Safeguarding.

Inclusivity, NGO Security Management, Safety, Training

This document provides a template for an inclusive code of conduct (COC) that can be used by organisations of persons with disabilities (OPDs). The COC sets out key behaviours that are particularly important for OPDs to consider when working with…

Policy Document, Training Document 2021 Amharic, English

Bullying and Harassment Factsheet

Human Rights, NGO Security Management, Safety, Training

This factsheet provides an introduction to bullying and harassment in the workplace. It explains what bullying and harassment is, the global framework for addressing these issues and sets out the scale of the problem in the development sector. The factsheets…

Training Document 2021 English