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GISF Webinar | Intersection of Security and Safeguarding | Recording

NGO Security Management, Training, Wellbeing

On 18th August, GISF held the Intersection of Security and Safeguarding webinar which explored the intersection of security risk management and safeguarding, through presentations from panelists with different perspectives, focusing on: 1. The scope and framing of safeguarding; what it…

Event recording, Webinar 2021 English GISF publication

Crisis management for sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) allegations

Human Rights, NGO Security Management, Safety

SEA incidents come in many guises. A staff member may abuse another staff member; a staff member may be abused by someone unconnected to the organisation; a staff member may be accused of abuse by a beneficiary. Some incidents may…

Report 2021 English

ACAPS: Haiti: Earthquake

Climate, Context Analysis, Safety

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck southwestern Haiti on 14 August at 8:30 am local time. The earthquake occurred 13km to the south-southeast of Petit-Trou-de-Nippes, in the department of Nippes, at a depth of 10km. Most affected departments include Sud, Grand’Anse,…

Briefing 2021 English

Saving Lives Together (SLT): FAQs

NGO Security Management

Saving Lives Together (SLT) is an initiative to enhance security collaboration between the UN Security Management System (UNSMS), International Non-governmental Organisations (INGOs) and International Organisations (IOs). It recognises the existence of collectively experienced security threats and the importance of collaboration to support…

Guidance Material, Other 2021 English

Saving Lives Together Implementation Guidelines | English, French & Spanish

NGO Security Management

This document contains guidelines for the implementation of the ‘Saving Lives Together’ framework. These guidelines were developed to support the implementation of the 2015 revision of the SLT Framework, which aimed to achieve a clear, more focused and systematic approach…

Guidance Material 2021 English, French, Spanish

Ethiopia: Vigil Insight Situation Report | 02 August 2021

Context Analysis, NGO Security Management, Safety

Insecurity Insight have released their most recent report looking at predictions and mitigation measures for aid organisations working in Ethiopia. You can download the report on the left.

Report 2021 English

The UK’s approach to safeguarding in the humanitarian sector | Approach Paper

Context Analysis, Human Rights, Safety, Wellbeing

This approach paper sets out the purpose, scope and rationale of the UK government review, which will focus explicitly on the humanitarian aid sector and will examine the extent to which the UK government’s safeguarding efforts have been effective in…

Paper 2021 English

Keeping up with COVID-19: essential guidance for NGO security risk managers – Module B12: COVID-19 Related Threats and Mitigation Table

Covid-19, NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance, Safety

Module 12: ‘ Covid-19 Related Threats and Mitigation Table’ is in section (B) ‘Operational Security’ of our three-part series ‘Keeping up with COVID-19: Essential guidance for NGO security risk management’. This module sets out COVID-19 related threats to personnel, assets,…

Guidance Material, Guides 2021 English GISF publication

ACAPS: Humanitarian Access Overview

Context Analysis, Humanitarian Programmatic Issues, NGO Security Management

The new ACAPS report outlines how access to humanitarian assistance continues to be restricted for crisis-affected populations in more than 60 countries. Along with the analysis report, they have made publicly available the access dataset behind our analysis as well as an interactive…

Report 2021 English