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Reporting COVID-19-related Incidents

As we move past the initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are beginning to see safety and security incidents relating to the spread of the disease, such as the harassment of foreigners.

Some organisations are also preparing for the possibility of looting and other phenomena related to social unrest. In order to better understand these threats, GISF is coordinating with Insecurity Insight to track these incidents and produce regular updates for the sector. To facilitate this we have prepared a Word and Excel reporting sheet. You can also use your own incident reporting methodology if preferred. Please send details of any incidents to info@insecurityinsight.org. Any reporting will be treated as confidential and will not be shared further. The information about the incidents will be made available to the aid sector, without attributing the event to the reporting organisation. In order to improve the relevance of this database, we encourage all with relevant incident information to contribute and direct their regional and country teams to the resource. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact GISF’s Lisa Reilly or Insecurity Insight’s Christina Wille.

To support you – at GISF we are continuing to gather useful links and documents on our website via the COVID-19 theme. For members, we have also collated various policy and guidance documents shared by other members that can be used for planning, etc. There is also a Mattermost channel available on this topic, where members continue to share questions and updates. Finally, we will continue to host regular virtual roundtable sessions for members.


Insecurity Insight

Insecurity Insight is using open-source media monitoring, Novetta Mission Analytic, and working with GISF and partner aid agencies who share their incidents from around the globe to help the aid sector gain a better overview of the developing situation.