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Addressing Security and Human Rights Challenges in Complex Environments Toolkit Third Edition

The Toolkit has the form of an overall guidance document with references to a selection of the most relevant existing resources and tools. The Toolkit includes four chapters: 1) Working with host governments, 2) Working with public security forces, and 3) Working with private security providers, and 4) Working with communities. Chapter 4 was developed in collaboration with CDA Collaborative Learning Projects.

The Toolkit is structured around challenges related to the issues of working with host governments, public security forces and private security providers. These challenges have been identified through desk and field research, and a review process. Good practices and recommendations are provided on how to address these challenges building on what the VPs, the IGTs, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and security sector reform good practice specifically say on those issues. These good practices are not meant to be prescriptive. It is up to the user to evaluate whether they could be feasible, useful and appropriate to the local context in a specific situation on the ground.

Together with these good practices, practical tools such as checklists, templates and case studies are provided. These are geared mostly towards supporting project-level implementation. The Toolkit has internal links, allowing easy navigation from one section to another.

The Toolkit is a living document. It will be regularly updated with new good practices, tools and case studies. Through the Comment function found at the bottom of the page, feedback and suggestions from users are strongly encouraged in order to ensure that the recommendations and tools provided in this Toolkit are effective in addressing challenges on the ground.


Fact Sheet: Post-Sexual Violence Kits

This fact sheet provides information about the options that might be available to survivors immediately after a sexual violence attack, as well as what humanitarian organisations can do to appropriately respond.

International Coalition vs Islamic State: Executive Summary

An executive summary by Other Solutions Consulting on the International Coalition versus the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Whispering when Everyone is Listening: Low-Tech Communications Technology Implementations in High-Risk Contexts

In this article, Keith Porcaro and Laura Walker Hudson examine relevant case studies around the use of communications technology in high-risk contexts and suggest useful programme practices for high-risk implementations, from community outreach and crafting message content to implementation practices that minimise risk to staff, community members, and user data.