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GISF Information Leaflet

2 September 2016

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GISF Information Leaflet

The GISF is a member-led network of NGO security focal points, committed to improving the security of humanitarian staff and operations for sustainable access. This leaflet provides information on what the GISF is, what it does, and the resources it provides.


In the Line of Fire: Surveying the Perceptions of Humanitarian and Development Personnel of the Impacts of Small Arms and Light Weapons

This paper argues that “small arms are ubiquotous and affect the quality and quantity [of aid agencies’] work”. It suggests that awareness of this issue, and preventine measures to overcome the challenges it presents, are currently woefully inadequate. It seeks to quantify the impact of the prevalance of small arms…

Extreme Emergencies: Humanitarian Assistance to Civilian Populations following Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive Incidents — A Sourcebook

The sourcebook, intended to capture the wisdom of the humanitarian nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) as they have responded to “extreme emergencies” historically, is a valuable addition to the reference materials for this particular audience’s engagement in CBRNE response, both within the continental US and elsewhere.