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Formation pour chaffeurs

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1 February 2022
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Formation pour chaffeurs

Une bande dessinée, créée par Oxfam, pour informer les conducteurs sur les problèmes de sécurité et les SOP.


GISF Forum Notes – Twitter Case Study

This case study examined a controversial Twitter message, in light of the fact that the actions, or inactions, of one person can seriously affect the safety and security of all staff. What are the obligations of NGO’s to other NGO’s, and does our independence give us the right to endanger…

The Aid Security Monthly News Brief – January 2015

This monthly digest documents threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

CDC Contingency planning example

Template/Example provided by the US based Centre for Disease Control, use of the attached example document should allow an organisation to put together a robust contingency planning document.