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ACT Gender Security Guidelines

ACT have developed these guidelines (2017) to introduce the concept of gender security for all staff, to serve as a tool to ensure duty of care and to allow human resources to ensure equal, unbiased and open employment standards, while at the same time guiding security personnel and managers on how to adapt their security plans and risk assessments.


SIIM Podcast: Building on Success: Effective use of information to improve security risk management

In the second Humanitarian Incidents podcast, Phil Candy, Security Advisor at Medair, discusses why his organisation adopted a robust online security incident information management system.

Psychosocial Briefing for Humanitarian Workers Preparing to Deploy to Ebola Centres in West Africa

Interhealth factsheet for providing psychosocial support during the Ebola outbreak, 8 September 2014

Humanitarian Access in Armed Conflict: a need for new principles?

This scoping study was commissioned to determine the feasibility and potential impact of developing new ‘principles’ of access.