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ACT Gender Security Guidelines

ACT have developed these guidelines to introduce the concept of gender security for all staff, to serve as a tool to ensure duty of care and to allow human resources to ensure equal, unbiased and open employment standards, while at the same time guiding security personnel and managers on how to adapt their security plans and risk assessments.


DRC Goma Record of NGO meeting Nov 2012

Discussions with some act alliance members at Diakonie November 2012

The ‘protection crisis’: A review of field-based strategies for humanitarian protection in Darfur

This study aims to examine current practice in humanitarian protection and explore strategies, programmes and initiatives undertaken in different contexts to support the protection of civilians. Focusing on roles, outcomes and the internal and external limitations of humanitarian actors, the purpose of the research is to draw lessons and elicit…

Standing Operating Procedures – Assessing Airlines Safety

Standing Operating Procedures - Assessing Airlines Safety: The current SOP aims at assisting in determining airlines safety.