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Aid Worker Security Report 2012

22 December 2015

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Aid Worker Security Report 2012

This report provides an overview of aid worker security in 2012, documenting instances of abuse, kidnap, violence and murder. The report finds that, after declining in 2010, total incidents of violence against aid workers are rising again. Most of these attacks continued to take place in a small number of countries: Afghanistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Pakistan and Sudan. The analysis finds that attacks are most prevalent in weak, unstable states and those experiencing active armed conflict, suggesting that attacks on humanitarian workers are a symptom of state failure as well as a product of war.


ICRC operational security: staff safety in armed conflict and internal violence

Acknowledging the increasingly dangerous nature of humanitarian action in conflict areas, Patrick Brugger describes the ICRC’s approach to security issues and its seven-pillared security policy. Underpinning the ICRC’s approach is the constant assessment of the risks involved in carrying out its mandate, and weighing these risks against every operation and…

Security Risk Assessment Tool

This free tool from Open Briefing provides a useful template for conducting risk assessments.

Addressing Sexual Violence in Humanitarian Organisations: Good Practices for Improved Prevention Measures, Policies, and Procedures

This report is the first good practices tool to assist humanitarian organisations in their efforts to improve how they address the problem of sexual violence against humanitarian aid workers.