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Humanitarian Access in Armed Conflict: a need for new principles?

Constraints on humanitarian access continue to inhibit the ability of affected populations to receive adequate assistance in numerous conflict situations. This scoping study was commissioned to determine the feasibility and potential impact of developing new ‘principles’ of access. It was undertaken between September and December 2018 and involved a literature review and interviews with 22 experts from humanitarian and donor agencies as well as academic and advocacy entities engaged in this issue area.


States and Sovereignty in the Middle East: Myths and Realities

This article evaluates recent events against evolving patterns and conceptions of statehood and sovereignty over time in the modern Middle East.

Security Management in Three Acts

This presentation introduces the Security Management with a short scenario followed by discussion on Compliance of the MOSS in various sectors.

K&R and Extortion Monitor

A monthly digest of media-recorded incidents of extortion, kidnapping and wrongful detention from around the globe.