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Context Assessment Documentary

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25 January 2021
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Context Assessment Documentary

This Red R context assessment documentary discusses the necessity for humanitarian organisations to understand the context in which they operate via context assessment and ongoing monitoring as an essential tool for SRM. Disclaimer – This video contains distressing images of violence.



Remote Programming Modalities in Somalia – Discussion Paper

This discussion paper, prepared by Oxfam International and Merlin for the NGO Consortium, briefly covers the context and current programming modalities in Somalia. It discusses remote support, partnership and control, followed by ideas for good practice in monitoring in remote partnerships.

Analytical Report: Sectarian Violence

This report details sectarian violence in Pakistan

Risk transfer through hardening mentalities?

In light of the attacks against the United Nations in both Peshawar and Kabul in autumn 2009, the UN has decided to "harden" itself as a target, using a protection-based strategy to reduce the vulnerability of its staff. But to what degree will this simply transfer risk to NGOs, who…