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Context Assessment – Institutional Barriers

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25 January 2021
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Context Assessment – Institutional Barriers

In this Red R ‘taking point’ video John Ryle, from Rift Valley Institute, discusses the institutional barriers to knowledge. When operating in complex and unstable environments it is vital to have both local and political knowledge and be aware of your organisations ‘outsider’ presence and its impact.


BSI Organizational Resilience Cranfield Research Report

This document features evidence on organizational resilience based on research conducted by the British Standards Institute and the Cranfield School of Management.

Economic development as a tool to reduce secessionism in Jammu and Kashmir

This report gives a good background context to the India-Pakistan conflict and then analyses the development potential in the state.  It considers the issue of security a key hindrance in the region’s progress, and explores the role of economic development in ‘tempering secessionist movements’. The report suggests which development opportunities,…

Risks Counter Terrorism IED/Bomb & Active Shooter Procedures

This guide provides an overview of procedures for dealing with IEDs/bomb and active shooters.