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دليل إدارة المخاطر الأمنية (Security Risk Management Toolkit: Mobile Guides – Arabic Version)

We worked with Disaster Ready to develop a collection of 6 short, interactive mobile guides on critical security topics. Based on our popular Security to Go guide, the mobile guides have been designed to help you protect yourself, your organisation, and your community. Each guide covers a different topic:

“Clear, concise summary of the basics with tools that are useful and can easily be applied.”

“…easy to understand and relay to staff.”

“Good detail that covers all the core inputs for security plans – good awareness-raising course.”

“…this makes a huge difference and is so informative…”

“A useful and modern adaptation in the field of security risk management.”

Security Risk Management: Mobile Guides are also available in English.


Securing aid worker safety through effective budgeting

In this article for the Crisis Response Journal, Aisling Sweeney, GISF's Communications Officer, puts forward the case for remodelling funding processes for humanitarian security risk management.